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First, bravo to you for your dedication in wanting to improve microbiology education. The Microbiology Concept Inventory (MCI) can serve as a part of your effort to make learning in your classroom better. There are actually two microbiology concept inventories to choose from. The MCI is tailored toward courses that teach a course focused on microbiology majors. The Medical Health Sciences Concept Inventory was designed for a non-major, health-sciences related microbiology course. How do you decide which one to use? Here is a useful table to help you decide.

Your course is required for Microbiology Majors Your course is not required for Microbiology Majors
Your course is a general survey of Microbiology Your course focuses more on Clinical Microbiology and Health aspects of Microbiology
Your course has more metabolism Your course has more pathology
Your course covers more Microbial Diversity Your course focuses more on Pathogens

To obtain the MHSCI please contact Heather Seitz (hseitz@jccc.edu)

To obtain the MCI, you need to take three steps

  1. Register for the website. You need to have a username at the site so that you can fill out the registration form to obtain the MCI. Once you have a username, the admin of the site will approve you.
  2. Once you have approval, ask to receive the MCI form by filling out the registration form
  3. You will then be sent a copy of the MCI for use in your classes.

I apologize for the hoops that you have to jump through, but we want to manage access to the MCI carefully. Please do not share the MCI with other researchers, but refer them to this website.


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